Role Oriented Training

When confronted with the full panoply of features in modern desktop applications, it is often difficult to identify which subset is most applicable to solving problems associated with particular roles. As can be seen in the table below some roles such as management may require financial features whereas quality roles may focus more on statistics and measurement. we frequently modify courses to match participants requirements often using familiar in house documents and spreadsheets.

Some role specific uses of office applications are outlined below.

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Management / Admin / HR

  • Budget & plan
  • Manage forms & templates
  • Analyse feedback and surveys
  • Measure KPI information
  • Input and analyse data
  • Create & present reports

Project Management

  • Use communications tools
  • Plan and track progress
  • Manage project costs
  • Manage project scope
  • Manage project time
  • Manage resources


  • Plan & maintain rosters
  • Track work against plan
  • Monitor vacation and sick leave
  • Maintain worksheets
  • Report status

Self Employed

  • Employ contact management
  • Budget & control costs
  • Use time management
  • Produce flyers and promotional material
  • Create professional documents

Quality Control

  • Measure variances
  • Use run charts
  • Use pareto charts
  • Use control charts
  • Report results
  • Use quality dashboards


  • Research projects
  • Create reports
  • Structure a thesis
  • Generate statistics
  • Create surveys
  • Collaborate on projects

General Operative

  • Input data
  • Print data
  • Check data
  • Complete forms
  • Submit information


  • Use internet safely
  • Setup and use email
  • Be aware of social media
  • Understand your computer
  • Protect yourself online


  • Conduct market research
  • Gather feedback and surveys
  • Create marketing budgets
  • Plan events


  • Use contact lists
  • List product options
  • Calculate margins
  • Use eMail