LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office and, along with its Open Office equivalent, is used by over  100 million users working in organisations and governments worldwide. Documents written by LibreOffice applications are interoperable with their Microsoft counterparts and can be shared without difficulty. The LibreOffice User Interface is very similar to that of MS Office 2002/2003 and so is very familiar to most users.

Calc (Speadsheet)
Look no further, if you need expert LibreOffice Calc training. At 4CorePM Training, we can deliver training on Calc that is directly applicable to your job role.

Writer (Word Processor)
At 4CorePM Training, we design and deliver excellent LibreOffice Writer training. You will learn what is needed to perform word processing tasks quickly and easily.

Base (Database)
With our LibreOffice Base training courses, you will gain the required knowledge to create a database and process large amounts of data easily.

Impress (Presentation)
Be it a sales pitch, or an important report to your committee or board members, our LibreOffice Impress training courses will help you achieve your goal.

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