Reap the rewards on your desktop applications investment

At 4CorePM we design and deliver best value desktop applications training based on the needs of your organisation, role or task.

Organisation – Standardising documents and methods

Create professional standardised documents that can be rolled out easily and with little modification. Obtain real value from your desktop application investments by using standard templates and methods for reports, presentations and other digital information.

Role orientated – Enhancing skills

Our role focused training concentrates on the skills you need now to be more productive in your current position and to prepare for future job requirements. By its nature this type of training is very flexible and designed to deliver the right training, at the right time to the right people and often in the convenience of their own workplace.

Task focused – Fixing problems

Interventions of this nature are targeted at finding effective solutions to tasks that are currently repetitive, time consuming and error prone. This training might be all that is needed to transform stressful tasks into trivial routines. Typical examples of the type of problems solved by this type of training include, simplifying spreadsheets, automating and error proofing data entry, analysing and summarising data.