Where you decide:

At 4CorePM we design and deliver 3 strands of desktop applications training, each based on your individual needs. 

1. Certification based Proving your skills

These courses enable you to prove to others that you have achieved a certain competence in the knowledge area. Once you pass the required tests you receive a certificate that is recognised by employers worldwide. The courses are open ended and are delivered on-line with additional face to face tutorials in our Sligo training center or at your workplace. Enquire about this training...


2. Role orientated Applying your skills

Our work focused training concentrates on the skills you need now to be more productive in your current role and to prepare for future job requirements. By its nature this type of training is very flexible and designed to deliver the right training, at the right time to the right people and often in the convenience of their own workplace. These are usually short, targeted training interventions of a day or less. Enquire about this training...


3. Task focused Fixing todays headaches

No prizes for guessing, this is our most popular offering. This intervention is targeted at finding immediate solutions to tasks that are currently repetitive, time consuming and error prone. Tasks that currently sap your energy and steal your time. A short training intervention of 1/2 day or less might be all that is needed to transform these numbing tasks into trivial routines. Typical examples of the type of problems solved by this type of training include, simplifying spreadsheets, automating and error proofing data entry, analysing and summarising data, etc;. Enquire about this training...

We supply everything in the convenience of your own workplace:

Whether training is held at your place or ours we will supply up to eight networked computers as part of the training package. You only need to provide the participants and a suitable training room. 


From only €8.50 per hour each for a class of 9 or more, with free access to the Learning Managment System.


Face to face training is delivered as and when you need it. We do not not lock you down to tedious classes, but instead conduct focused tutorials that concentrate only on areas you want to explore. Training material can be accessed on-line 24/7 and covers everything we do via short video clips, course manuals and question banks where appropriate. 

Interested ? Contact Us now, it is free and you might be pleasantly surprised how even small interventions can turn laborious tasks into simple routines.